Mississippi Home Corporation Board Approves Additional Tax Credit Awards

On February 8, 2017, MHC issued Program Bulletin #17-001 2016 Tax Credit Recipients-Options for Reduced Equity Pricing for all tax credit award recipients of the 2016 Cycle. The bulletin outlined three options designed to assist developers in recovering from reductions in credit pricing due to market changes. The listing below represents those developers that chose Option 3 which allowed each of them to request additional credits to help with the financial change in the credit value.

On May 10, 2017, The MHC Board approved the recommended additional tax credit awards listed below.

The additional credit awards will be funded by the 2018 Annual Credit Authority. Commitment Letters to follow.


Dev Number



Development  Name

Development  Owner

Contact Person



Annual Credit Authority

16-1-014 NC Woodcreek Homes Woodcreek Homes,L.P. Fred Bennett $    93,397.00 2018
16-1-016 NC Timberlane Timberlane Partners, LP David Strange $    95,250.00 2018
16-1-017 NC Woodlawn Woodlawn Partners, LP David Strange $    95,250.00 2018
16-1-028 NC Beacon Hill East Beacon Hill East 2016, LP Britton Jones $    33,000.00 2018
16-1-029 NC Beacon Hill West Beacon Hill West 2016, LP Britton Jones $    33,000.00 2018
16-1-030 NC Phoenix at Corinth The Phoenix at Corinth 2016, LP Mike Hedges $    22,500.00 2018
16-1-037 A/R Haven Apartments Haven Apartments, LLP Jeffery Gooden $    25,775.00 2018


For more information, contact Cliff Holmes

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