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MHC is required to develop a Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) which sets forth the selection criteria to be used to determine housing priorities of the State of Mississippi that are appropriate to local conditions. The QAP gives preference in allocating housing credit dollar amounts among selected developments that (a) serve the lowest income tenants, and (b) obligate to serve qualified tenants for the longest time period; and (c) are located in qualified census tracts and the development of which contributes to a concerted community revitalization plan. The QAP also provides a procedure that MHC will follow in monitoring for noncompliance and in notifying the Internal Revenue Service of such noncompliance. Qualified Allocation Plans from previous years are archived below:

HTC Maps Archives

For details on the 2019 QCTs and DDAs, see the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

2021 HTC Point Layers

Released December 9, 2020

User Notes for Map

Download 2021 HTC GIS Map Layers

2020 HTC Point Layers

Released November 12, 2019

2019 HTC Point Layers Temporarily Unavailable

Released January 4, 2019

Download 2019 HTC GIS Map Layers

2018 HTC Point Layers

Released January 19, 2018, Updated January 26, 2018, to include FEMA-4350-DR

Download 2018 HTC GIS Map Layers

2017 HTC Point Layers

Released December 28, 2016

Download 2017 HTC GIS Map Layers

2016 HTC Point Layers

Updated January 21, 2016 to show High Opportunity Area Part a and Part b as separate layers.

Updated December 4, 2015 to add 2016 QCT/DDA layers,  number layers and update layer titles to match numbering and wording in site location section of the QAP.  Also includes layers for over concentration zip code, Smaller Credit Amount Set-aside, and health care zone layers.  Map displays boundary files for use with 2016 Applications for Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

2016 HTC Supplemental Layers

Click here for map

Supplemental boundary files that may be helpful selecting sites for 2016 Applications for Low Income Housing Tax Credits.  Community Mental Health Centers serving counties eligible for "Smaller Credit Amount Set-Aside"; High Opportunity Areas Part (b) A-B School Districts; school facilities

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