Financial Disclosures

Bond Disclosures

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Bond Calls - October 2021


Bond Fund Balances - June 30, 2021

Bond Fund Balances - March 31, 2021

Bond Fund Balances - December 31, 2020

Bond Fund Balances - September 30, 2020


Program Securities - June 30, 2021

Program Securities - March 31, 2021

Program Securities - December 31, 2020

Program Securities - September 30, 2020


General Resolution Bonds - June 30, 2021

General Resolution Bonds - March 31, 2021

General Resolution Bonds - December 31, 2020

General Resolution Bonds - September 30, 2020


Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Exemption



Hardest Hit Fund Performance Data Report

2021  2nd Quarter, 1st Quarter

2020  4th Quarter, 3rd Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 1st Quarter

2019  4th Quarter, 3rd Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 1st Quarter

2018  4th Quarter, 3rd Quarter, 2nd Quarter1st Quarter

2017  4th Quarter, 3rd Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 1st Quarter

2016  4th Quarter, 3rd Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 1st Quarter

2015  4th Quarter,  3rd Quarter,  2nd Quarter1st Quarter

2014  4th Quarter3rd Quarter2nd Quarter1st Quarter

2013  4th Quarter,  3rd Quarter,  2nd Quarter1st Quarter

2012  4th Quarter,  3rd Quarter,  2nd Quarter1st Quarter

2011  4th Quarter,  3rd Quarter,  2nd Quarter,  1st Quarter

2010  4th Quarter


Results reported for 2011Q4 and following quarters cannot be compared to results reported for 2011Q3 and earlier quarters. During 2011Q4, MHC had its Home Saver software provider - Counselor Direct change the date the software uses to determine when MHC disbursed funds on behalf of a recipient. In the previous quarters, the software counted an approval based on the first Due Date in the system. Since last quarter, Counselor Direct changed the logic so the software counts an approval based on the date MHC approves the payment in the reports module (called Payment Made Date in the export, or Batch Date in the payment tables), which has the effect of moving some approvals around between the quarters. MHC made this change to make Counselor Direct reporting consistent with MHC's financial reports, particularly the month period in which expenditures are recognized.

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