2021 HTC Point Layers

Released December 9, 2020

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2020 HTC Point Layers

Released November 12, 2019

2019 HTC Point Layers Temporarily Unavailable

Released January 4, 2019

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2018 HTC Point Layers

Released January 19, 2018, Updated January 26, 2018, to include FEMA-4350-DR

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2017 HTC Point Layers

Released December 28, 2016

Download 2017 HTC GIS Map Layers

2016 HTC Point Layers

Updated January 21, 2016 to show High Opportunity Area Part a and Part b as separate layers.

Updated December 4, 2015 to add 2016 QCT/DDA layers,  number layers and update layer titles to match numbering and wording in site location section of the QAP.  Also includes layers for over concentration zip code, Smaller Credit Amount Set-aside, and health care zone layers.  Map displays boundary files for use with 2016 Applications for Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

2016 HTC Supplemental Layers

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Supplemental boundary files that may be helpful selecting sites for 2016 Applications for Low Income Housing Tax Credits.  Community Mental Health Centers serving counties eligible for "Smaller Credit Amount Set-Aside"; High Opportunity Areas Part (b) A-B School Districts; school facilities


For more information contact:

David Hancock

Vice President of the Executive Division


Health Care Zone Special Allocation Cycle

Qualified Census Tract (QCT) and Difficult Development Areas (DDA) for purposes of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) under Internal Revenue Code Section 42 in effect for 2015 have been released. They have been added as features to the map at right. Click on the map to search an address to find which geographic selection criteria apply.


Health Care Zone
Master Plan

Click on the county link to access the specific health care zone master plan.
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