What Do I Need?

Checklist of documents you should have ready:

  • Exact name(s) in which the title is to be held
  • List of who you owe money to and the amounts
  • Property access information for appraisers
  • Names and addresses of current, recent employers
  • Recent pay stubs from each employer
  • Recent Federal tax returns, including all schedules (up to 3 years)
  • Names and account numbers for financial institutions where you have deposits
  • Recent financial statements, including current profit & loss (P&L statement), if you are self-employed
  • Rental agreements to verify rental property income
  • Copies of court decrees stipulating child support, alimony income, and property settlement
  • Verification of your own down payment source (e.g., gift, sale of property)
  • Copy of existing note on a 2nd mortgage loan (if applies)
  • Name and address of Homeowner’s Association (for condominium/townhome)
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