AOD/COL Overview

The AOD/COL software program, created by Application Oriented Designs (AOD), is a program designed to interface with MHC's internal Multifamily Compliance tracking system, AOD/MF. The AOD/COL System gives owners/managers the ability to:

  • enter owner and tenant information
  • setup site level users
  • setup and change unit data
  • view and print compliance status reports
  • generate and print the Annual Owner Certification (AOC) Report
  • maintain, generate and print the tenant income certification (TIC) form
  • save work in progress

The AOD/COL program interacts with MHC's AOD/MF Compliance System to retrieve owner/management prepared information. Once information has been submitted for review, MHC will receive an e-mail notification advising of the submission. MHC's Compliance staff will then upload the on-line submittal into its AOD/MF system.This process allows owner/management to enter data via the web that will convert directly into MHC's monitoring database whereby eliminating data entry mistakes and the duplication of data entry.

Additional data entry into the AOD/COL system for owners/managers with his/her own tax credit database (i.e., Classic, Yardi), WILL NOT be necessary. In these cases, internal data will need to be released for our upload ~ no duplicate data entry.

Duties and Responsibilities of Owner/Manager:

  • Submit monthly reports to MHC as deemed necessary
  • Immediately report system errors to MHC
  • Perform periodic tenant data/updates to the AOD/COL system
  • Perform necessary corrections/updates based on MHC review of submitted documents and/or system errors

Notes: The management company/owner of a housing tax credit (HTC) development(s) located in the state of Mississippi is considered a high level user (HLU) in the AOD/COL system. Because of such, the management company/owner has exclusive rights to the tenant records of ALL OF THE ACTIVE DEVELOPMENTS in its portfolio. On-site managers are considered low-level users (LLUs). The HLU, at his/her discretion, is responsible for assigning the username(s) and password(s) of any LLU that he/she would like to have access to the system. MHC will issue the initial username and password to HLU's. (*The Username and Password for LLUs should be different from that in which we provided you.)

Duties and Responsibilities of MHC:

  • Provide on-going technical assistance
  • Perform periodic and timely compliance testing
  • Issue HLU passwords
  • Conduct training on AOD/COL system


Mississippi Home Corporations (MHC's)
Compliance Monitoring Division
will offer training to owners and/or
management companies new to the
Housing Tax Credit Program.


Problems encountered when utilizing the AOD/COL system should be reported to MHC via one of the following error submission methods:

  • Submit Feedback Form Online
  • Via Fax - Download and print Feedback form, after filling in, fax it to MHC at 601.718.4643
  • Via Telephone - Call 601.718.4642 and ask for the IT Department

Need Assistance?

For more information or questions regarding the AOD/COL program, contact

Victoria Mayberry

Assistant VP of Program Compliance

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