HTC Compliance Forms & Resources

Annual Owner Certification Forms

An AOC Report is required of owners of ALL active HTC developments, excluding developments that have not received IRS form 8609 HTC Allocation and Certification from MHC AND have not met their targeted applicable fraction as of 12/31 of the reporting period. A development that met its targeted applicable fraction during the reporting period; yet, did NOT have an IRS form(s) 8609 issued by MHC must submit a complete AOC Report.

AOC Report Checklist
Occupancy (Rent Roll) Report
Occupancy (Rent Roll) Report Instructions
Owner's Certification of Continuing Program Compliance
Payment Processing Form
Supplemental Certification of HTC Compliance
Non-profit Addendum to Owners Certification of Continuing Program Compliance
Special Needs Population Log

Quarterly Status Report Forms

A QOR is required of all active HTC developments that have NOT reached its targeted applicable fraction by the end of the reporting period.

Quarterly Compliance Status Report
Occupancy (Rent Roll) Report
Quarterly Occupancy Report Checklist

Additional information to assist in determination of the applicable income limits.

Income Rent Limit Usage Worksheet
Non-Metropolitan Counties in Mississippi

Financial Analysis

The Development Financial Analysis Report (DFAR) may be accessed online. Upon entering the DFAR online system, users will encounter a login screen. The DFAR system is designed to be accessed by the development’s governing management company. Upon entering the system, managers should be able to access their complete active management portfolio.

Qualified Contract

A request for a qualified contract allows eligible owners of Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) developments to exit the tax credit program after the end of the compliance period. There are certain terms and conditions owners must follow when requesting to exit the tax credit program. The following links will help guide you in this process.

Qualified Contract Worksheets
Qualified Contract Preliminary Application
Sample Qualified Contract Letter

Need Assistance?

For more information regarding the HTC or for technical assistance, contact

Victoria Mayberry

AVP of Program Compliance

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